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First of all

I pat myself on the back for shooting 74 yesterday.  Admittedly on an easy course from the forward tees but still I played well and hit some really good shots.  It is the way of golf that I probably shall not have another day like that one.

Ramiez asks a question:


Thewomanwhoshallnotbenamed clarified for whom the public is voting the other day… Once again Ramirez asks the appropriate question:  Which of these things is not like the other… ?


Steve and Kathleen are visiting this weekend.  We rejoice.  Especially in light of the lawn mower throwing a belt tantrum this morning.  There is no one better with mechanical tantrums than Steve.

Rain and nasty climate today and for the next few.  No fires though… Surprising considering our governance… Our governor wants to reduce assault against a police officer to a misdemeanor… Fires should be a minimum…

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