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Feeling upbeat

this morning.  Maybe it was the extra sleep we got.  It rained like Noah last night and it was E.A. Poe dark and dreary when Roscoe roused me at 8:00.  I let the pack out to pee, fixed their breakfast, let the drenched pups in and then went back to bed.  Mei Mei was stirring but didn’t object.

The surgeon whacked a pound or two from my upper arm to be sure all of the growth was excised.  Relatively quick and painless.  I just hope the weight loss doesn’t affect my golf swing.

In the spirit of of feeling upbeat, I won’t descend into the pit of democrat muck this morning.  Suffice it to say that nancy the ripper’s rapid back-off from twisting  schumer’s you-know-whats is evidence that in spite of the news interpreters spin, the public had reacted pretty strongly to the attempted liberal theft.

Story from the UK this morning that a dog had sprained his tail wagging over the returned of his quarantined family.  

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