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The climate changed dramatically this morning.  Snow flurries… Oh Joy… Yesterday we were out in shirt sleeves… Wicked climate indeed.  Why some even say neglect of climate change makes foreign policy impossible… Which begs the question: if a brainless person speaks, can anyone with a brain understand…?

Yesterday we enjoyed a late brunch with the Kuhns and then went to see the movie 1917.  Not exactly the feel good movie of the year but it is what passes for art these days.  If you recall the précis: two soldiers are sent by their general several miles across no mans land to warn another British force of an impending trap by the Germans.  Should the message fail to be delivered, thousands of British will be needlessly slaughtered.  The person-to-person contact is necessary because the Verizon lines are down. AT&T and Sprint have no coverage.  The Brits do have aircraft and we are witness to planes flying but apparently the mission is not sufficiently important to air mail the message the 15 miles or so.   Instead let’s just send two inexperienced corporals into uncharted danger.  Oh well… I am incurably picky about the details of movies everyone else seems to love...


What was well illustrated was the futility of the needless war and the human carnage.  Even so, I long for the happier days of Hollywood.

On a happier note, the impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, game continues tomorrow in the Senate.  Sadly having the grownups in charge will probably drain the fun and mockery from from the process.  But then again I assume the dems will let their man schiff free to beclown himself and the process… maybe we can squeeze a few good cartoons out of it all.  I love that PDT is headed for Switzerland as it starts.   I’m sure he’ll kick some butt since the emphasis of the conference is climate change…

Greta will be there.

© Robert Graham 2012