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Dreary Monday...

At least I think it’s Monday… That’s what my phone and computer say.  But who really knows anymore.  After my Lysol/Clorox/hydrodroxychloroquine/UV episode yesterday, I know exactly how poor old joey biden must feel… Where the hell am I and why are all of these dogs eating my breakfast…?

I found a UV flashlight in the junk drawer… I can't remember why it was purchased.  I do know WHY we still have it… Nothing is allowed to leave a junk drawer once in place.  But now that I have it in hand, do I swallow it; do I shine in it on my out of control hair; Oh well, doesn't matter… It vanished right back into the junk drawer.

It’s time for the meme… I think you know the one I am talking about… Kim Jong Un didn’t kill himself… It’s inevitable so let's get it over with…


The Newspaper of Record here in VaBch is the Virginian-Pilot.  The paper has long since gone from news reporting to news interpreting in the strong tradition of the democrat party.  The “news” articles are derivatives of the NYT, WP and AP…  Truth, as we in the far right wing barbarian side of life define it, is only found on the comic page.  In that context you will understand today’s above the fold, bolded headline:

Now as the horrible hype predicting universal death from the virus declines, Chicken Little lives and thrives among the interpreters

Sidenote: (whatever that means) Sunday’s paper was delivered in a large rain puddle, soaking wet and unreadable.  Later in the morning the skies cleared.  Mei Mei and I took a walk only to discover a new delivery had been made.  The comics section was neatly encased in a plastic wrapping and left on the driveway.  Thus confirming my assertion of what is truth…

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