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get any better than this - at least for us guys and gals and the right hand fringe.  It’s hard to envision any other politician in the world pulling off a TRUMP like that.  In one of the most unabashed pro-America speeches I have ever heard, PDT destroyed every mystical principle held by the democrats.  The mastery of his guest choices left the left reeling.  Bringing the spotlight on a child who survived birth before the age where abortionists (read with dripping contempt) concede life is viable.  Stroke of genius.  I could go on and on but the jabs and strokes were too many to list.  The ultimate was making the dems sit glum faced while he awarded their prime antagonist, Rush, the Medal of Freedom and have it conferred by Melania… Really.  I almost cried it was so perfect.

But then to have the nancy tear up the speech in a fit of hate, topped out the evening.  It wasn’t clear how much lower she could go after botching the big I, but she showed there is still room at the bottom.


Can you even imagine the bubbling fury of the news interpreters if Paul Ryan had muttered to himself constantly, shook his head and tore up hussein's speech…?  WOW… 

Sometime this afternoon, the Senate will acquit.  I’d like to add “forever”, but it’s very likely the dems will impeach again.  If you saw schiffy and naddy sitting together at the SOTU, you and I know that’s all they think about.  Surely the Great American Voter will finally realize what a destructive group of dunces they elected… Won’t they…? Tell  me they will.  I mean after the debacle in Iowa...


One last shot:

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