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I am dangerously so this morning.  We are just recovering from the nightmare that was Thursday.  All thee dogs had very liquid diarrhea that developed earlier in the week.  Thursday. Mei Mei and I went out for breakfast and then continued over to the Outlet Mall to look for some shoes.  We were gone about four hours and in that time the dogs turned the house into a cesspool.  You might think I am setting this up to segue into the democrats impeachment BS because of the easy analogy but bear with me.

We had already run through most of our cleaning supplies but clean up we did. Malodorous is the only word that comes to mind..  Thank God for the heavy duty carpet machine. Fortunately both Roscoe and Gracie Pearl clearly ask to go out; Roscoe barks and Grace whines.  Damon has no ask.  We took turns that night getting up every two hours to let them out. We had just opened a new bag of food so that was suspect.  We changed the food and things have gotten better.  No cleanups since Thursday.

I did not know Elijah Cummings.  He may have been a great father to his children and a hero to the civil rights movement.  I just don’t know.  I do know he hated PDT.  I do know he falsely claimed to have been the target of spitting and racial slurs.  He represented a district in Baltimore that was and is impoverished and run down and that condition did not improve during the many years of his tenure.  I read of his funeral in the WSJ this morning.  Most of the column was devoted to bashing Trump.  There was little reference to whatever Cummings accomplishments may have been.  So I still don’t know.

Politics is a messy and evil contact sport.  The local political ads scream slanderously about things done and to be done in the name of the people when in fact they are just politicians who can’t do any of things they claim on their own.  Just as they couldn’t have done the bad things claimed on their own.  If we had term limits and laws against campaign war chests and no one could get rich from serving the people, no one would want the job.  And that would be great.

No cartoons that met my standards this morning.  

Isn’t it interesting that when leaks about schiff’s whistleblower begin to surface, all the hearings went underground.  Now the only leaks the interpreters publish are those from the privileged dems who attend the hearings.  

OK just this one:

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