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Didn’t take long

Without even trying I found more stuff that makes me whine… or is it wine…. Damn this language.  Actually it could and would be both except that I am a single malt kind of guy… But I digress...

There was a time when my place on the political spectrum was more middling.  But even then my insight into the Cronkites, Rathers and other giant figures of the Interpreter Class whispered the word “bias” repeatedly.  "Come on man…" was the usual rejoinder to my paranoid murmurings…  Just because the Interpreters celebrated the traitorous behavior of  Jane Fonda… Just because the interpreters refuse to mention the John Edwards affair…?  Just because the Interpreters dismissed the Swift Boat allegations against "Gengis Khan" Kerry… Come on man…  You're talking crazy here… The NYT is serious stuff.   I mean isn’t that where the whistle blowers go to reveal the corruption and contempt for humanity of the far right wing evil doers of the universe… Look how they saved us from Goldwater… Look how they saved us from being distracted by a Presidents very personal sex life…  Accuse the Interpreters of bias in those days and the Class would puff up and say what a silly goose.  We know what is going on… You only need to know what we interpret for you.  Sit back down and mind your manners… I’m not telling you to vote democrat…. but you better vote democrat.

But back then the Interpreters at least pretended… and I was even partially persuaded.  Now the pretense is ludicrous.  Today’s Case in point:  The NYT and it’s treatment of the complaints of MS Tara Reade, joey’s accuser. Original words:

Highlighted words were deleted “at the request of the biden campaign”  The theme goes on an and on but this is the way it is and will be … Sigh…

Oh well.  The good news is hussein finally endorsed joey…  sort of...

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Sorry about the blather.  I’m a brain damaged, almost old, binary sex believer who is at the center of those vulnerable to and prone to bitch about the Chinese gift to mankind.  

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