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The weather is dreary… It’s been raining since… well at least Monday but seems like forever.  Shouldn’t be blogging on days like this.  Might say something liberal…

Yesterday my doctor released me from a fourth surgery.  The path report said they got it all.  That’s a good thang…

Today being Friday is unremarkable except by the fact that Lady Kimberly graces the pages of the WSJ with her wisdom.  Today she speaks of biddy biden’s role in the Flynn/Trump attack.  The  democrat establishment forbearance of the FBI/DOJ/hussein administration corruption truly marks the point of no return in the decent of American Society into the miasmic liberal black hole.  There is no recovery.  


All who think biden will emerge from his cellar to campaign in public, raise your hands…. Silly. silly hand raisers…  Why would he…? 

the Governor of NY has a 90% approval rating…?  Among whom…?  well, to be fair, most of those who would decry his leadership, died in nursing homes… But the mortality rate among old people is roughly 100%… so what’s the big deal…?


In these times of lockdowns and distancing, at least one thing is normal:  The dems are continuing their quest to impeach…  Facepalm picture here…


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