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Threatened the President of the United States.  That’s a fact.  If I said what he said the Secret Service would be at my door.  But as a democrat he is exempt from laws that apply to the little people.  Actually he would be under indictment for muder if the laws were applied but still he is a hero to democrats.  Of course he is…


The climate has turned nasty hot… Even as the leaves turn color to the tired old green that precedes their demise.  

During an interview with Wolf Blitzer of cnn, AG Barr said he felt that the media (news interpreters) had an obligation to be fair and balanced.  Blitzer said, speaking for cnn, his network was certainly fair and balanced… Barr just laughed. 


 For the record, I cancelled the Weed Man lawn service that I had lauded a couple of years ago.  I think they got lazy.  Our lawn is invaded by bermuda grass which is the problem they solved at first.  When i asked about it they said bermuda control is too hard.  Yeah… Well I blame PDT


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