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I finished my morning reading and I’m pretty sure I have the Corona virus. It’s not that I am a hypochondriac but my health generally reflects anything bad I hear about.  The symptoms are lethargy and a retching nausea about anything liberal… Oh wait… maybe that’s not Corona…  Come to think of it, that’s pretty much my life these days.

I notice most of the TV channels have abandoned coverage of the big I, instead offering the occasional interview with some democrat who decries the abhorrent crimes and misdemeanors of PDT.  georgie stephenopolis, of clinton fame, was seen waving off coverage of the president’s counsel.  Good Lord… who wants to hear from those barbarians…

There are some songs that I have enjoyed for years.  The melody, as interpreted by my somewhat questionable brain just suites me.  Then one day I read the lyrics without the accompanying jingle jangle and I wonder:  what is that song…?  Hearing the music but not the words…  I could be a democrat…  I’ve shown the best of the schiff cartoons but this one cannot be overused:


I know I haven’t given the “Royal” situation its fair due.  I realize the enormity of the social crises and should be dutifully concerned… but….


The very successful pro-2nd rally n Richmond last week has reached the bottom of the new interpreter memory hole.  It sits right alongside the near murder of Rep Scalise by a bernie bro.  Doesn’t fit the narrative…  As a reminder of what all the fuss was about I suggest the following:


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