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PDT confessed he is taking hydroxychloroquine. Oh the humanity… What a monster… It’s almost as if he sent folks ill with the Covid to nursing homes…  


I myself have been taking a secret concoction to avoid infection by the dreaded Corona Virus… I am reluctant to reveal the nature of the medication lest I lead others to mimic my unsavory habit and condemn them to an avoidable agonizing fate… Hobson’s choice indeed… Confess or be revealed on CNN…  Oh very well if you must know… peanut m&ms.  I can’t see my toes but I’m not sick.

nan the ripper called PDT "morbidly obese”.  Ouch.  Does she really want to get into physical appearances…? Botox not withstanding, my guess is she is on shaky ground in that contest.


I am dodging the question of PDT firing the SecState IG… for now.  There are the interpreters accounts of retribution and the SecState flogging of children, of course… But there are also mutterings of illegal leaks from the IG office… You won’t get ground truth from either account but if the interpreters drop the story then lean towards the leaking…

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