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Caught in the Act

Scott sent the family and extended family an invite to participate in a video chat hosted by Zoom…. My sister Betty, all of our kids and their kids were on.  Dave, Judy and their kids and their kids… I have to admit it was much more fun than the chat I had with my surgeon… Too bad my racist, anti-China bias required me to  wear a mask. 


Last night about 2:30 AM, I heard noises and got up to investigate.  I found Roscoe Jumping and circling in place. He lunged for the back door when he saw me so I assumed he had a urgent need to go out.  He raced outside into the dark… After about 5 minutes waiting… No Roscoe.  After several calls, I heard him barking… Did that @#$% dog climb the tree again…?  I finally grabbed my robe, slippers and a flashlight.  There he was standing proudly in the middle of the back yard.  I expressed my displeasure and he went back into the house keeping a great deal of “social distance” between us.  Grrrrr….

Dreary, rainy, covid-19 sort of day… The dogs are upset that they can’t go out.  


After Roscoes episode last night, I need a nap… or a scotch… or…

© Robert Graham 2012