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This morning @ PowerLine are pretty funny.  Too many good ones to extract.  Click and enjoy

As we know, PDT’s advocacy of hydrooxychloroquine has caused the poisonous concoction to be ridiculed throughout demLand.  One would think that a true democrat would rather imbibe cyanide infused broken glass coated in rat poison rather than consider a PDT backed remedy… But wait…!  Consider this headline:

Senator Amy Klobuchar reluctantly admits hydroxychloroquine saved her husband’s life      Details here


No commentary could enhance the wisdom shown below:

Apparently joey had some verbal difficulties yesterday resulting in the insulting of the so-called “black community”  For those of you who do not watch FOX, he told an interviewer that if he wasn’t voting for him, “you ain’t black…”  The extent of the vacuousness of such an utterance by a democrat politician is… well…. I just explained it by using the qualifier:  democrat...

Next door neighbors have sold their house and are having a garage sale of stuff that won’t downsize.  Yard sale people are apparently exempt from social distancing and face mask stuff… My God… the horror… They actually seem to be enjoying themselves… Where is the fear…?  Don’t they watch CNN…?

From time to time I feel the need to apologize for the blather and nonsense herein presented.  Not my fault really.  I am quite close to being old…

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