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Can I be heard…?

Yes.  I heard about the murder of George Floyd.  I like most of humanity was horrified.  I watched the demonstrations that resulted from the murder and I heard the grievances that were expressed.  I heard the rationalizations of the destructive riots that took human lives in as careless a manner as that which took the life of George Floyd. I heard the excuses made for allowing the destructive anarchy in Seattle, New York and other cities.  I heard corporate America as it went to great lengths to support the movement named Black Lives Matter.  I heard the crashing insanity as mobs took down our history with tacit encouragement from Government.  I heard the fearful acquiescence to lawlessness from elected officials whose responsibility it is to protect society and enforce the laws of this Nation.  I heard people who enjoy the glorious freedoms of America condemn the Constitution and celebration of the 4th of July.  I heard others curse this Nation as they burned our flag.  In shame, I heard my flag being removed from a Virginia building site by government decree for fear of the damage it would incite.

I listened.  Is it my turn yet?

How dare you take down my statues… How dare you burn my flag… How dare you lower the colors I served to defend…  By what authority does a minority of citizens destroy that by which I celebrate my history…? There is no such authority.   Are my rights and my life any less valuable than those from any other group?  No. They are not and that is guaranteed by the same Constitution that allows for peaceful assembly and protest.

Every day in every media outlet from commercial to social, I am judged by the color of my skin.  I am condemned and told I affect a privilege I do not deserve, based on the color of my skin.  Admission to college for people of my skin color is limited.  I am denied access to parts of my city because of my skin color.  In fact, I risk bodily harm should I disregard that limitation to my freedom. 

I thank God for the men and women who risk their lives every day to serve in Law Enforcement.  They are heroes, alongside the firemen and the and other emergency responders.  Do not tell me they as a group are not absolutely vital to the survival of our society. 

I will not hear it.

© Robert Graham 2012