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This blog started in 1998 when we moved to Dallas, because Pam, Mike and Jackson moved with us.  By posting pictures and silly comments I was able to allow the senior Lame family to share those fleeting special moments of their first grandson in his early years.  They seemed to appreciate the effort.  Then as circumstances changed and we retired, I used the writing as an ego outlet because the few folks who read the words offered positive feedback.  As I added in political commentary that resonated with the same people, writing became an habitual obsession.  And so here we are almost 22 years later.

One of the reasons C.S. Lewis gives for his conversion from atheism  is the inherent sense of right and wrong in the human psyche.  Were there no God, why would man need to distinguish good from evil….?  His argument is eloquent of course and for me to try to explain him is derogatory at best but I do sense that reason and logic are corollary requirements.

I visit a web page daily titled:Real Clear Politics.  On that page links are offered to articles and op-ed pieces from authors and sources prominent in the current discourse. Often the headlines are contradictory in tenor  and listed next to each other;  For example today we find:

It's the Police Who Are Rioting in the Streets  Jamelle Bouie, New York Times

Riots the Result of False Narrative on Black Victimization Peter Kirsanow, NRO

Joe Biden Is Heading for a Blowout Victory in November Lanny Davis, The Hill

A Very Real Silent Majority Will Reelect Trump David Catron, The American Spectator

And so it goes down the page.  The articles are presented without commentary; an excellent job of offering polar opposite viewpoints to satisfy ones needs or even education in some sense.

In my reading, reason and logic are usually presented by those authors whose memes are politically and socially conservative.  I cannot accept conclusions that police should be disbanded; that white privilege is the root of all social ills; that Trump is essentially evil; that there exists a primal need to tear down all references to the confederate side of our Civil War; that the killing of unborn children is simply a reproductive right; and the list goes on. Those things reside on the “wrong” list that God provided me.  

Pictures and silly comments are no longer useful.

© Robert Graham 2012