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The devastating snow drifts accumulated to almost an inch.  You can imagine the horrible traffic tie ups and the home bound begging for relief. The daffodils did truly suffer horribly:


Today Marley goes to her forever family.  As always it will be a tough parting.  It doesn’t help that she is MY velcro dog.  

I started my day by finding my mouse battery was dead.  I rummaged through my “stuff” and found an old USB mouse, plugged it in and all was well.  Except it is an “old” mouse.  Depends on the scroll bar to move up and down the window.  Remember scroll bars…?  Invisible and very hard to locate.  I’ve also grown accustomed to being able to tap the surface of the mouse to zoom on on hard to read text and all text falls into that category for some reason.  Doesn’t work with the “old” mouse. I lead a trying life…

So we have katie hill (D) of Thruple fame, blaming her departure from congress on “biphobia”… Not sure exactly what that is but it falls in the same category of dem-think as "woman’s right to choose”, 16 genders, Russian collusion and obstruction of of impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment

I look at the bloomy ads that run non-stop, with a different eye now.  He was so pathetic at the debate, I almost feel sorry for him.  Almost.  I know his strategy is to get a brokered convention to finally settle on him but I think PDT could take him… I fear Klobuchar… 



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