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Thursday.  Trapped between hump day and Friday, Thursday is sort of the joey biden of weekdays.  That it is raining and dreary seems to fit the scenario.  

I suppose I am suffering a hangover of good news and heavy chortles.  PDT is riding high; Cocaine Mitch has resumed Judge confirmations; "nan the ripper”* is headed for rehab (OK not really but why not…?)  If you know Charlie Danials song about the Devil and Johnny, you’ll love this twist on the lyrics… If you don’t then just take my word for it: it’s funny


Meant to mention that Grandson Jackson called the other day.  He is finishing his schooling as a Navigation Technician.  He has orders to the USS North Dakota, SSN 784.  Apparently, the navigation team from the ship, including the  CO, Navigator and Chief of the Boat were at training in the same building as SR Jackson.  His instructor suggested Jackson attend the training with then and so he arrived, introduced himself and participated.  Sort of unprecedented in my experience…

The emergence of rainbow pete from th dumpster fire in Iowa is a bit scary.  Although his young clean face and articulate speech appears quite moderate, he is actually situated hard left among the socialists of the party.  Read here about his wild left agenda

I know the Right has and will continue to condemn the mitt.  He said he voted his conscience having sworn an oath to God.    He has called PDT a fraud and a crook in the past and I believe he believes that.  I don’t question his faith.  If he found the second article of impeachment to be specious, how could he overlook the same faults in the first…?  Something to think about… if mitt had beaten hussein we probably would never had gotten PDT, and bb hil would be our president…  God works in mysterious ways.

* “nan the ripper” was plagiarized unabashedly from an article I read earlier this morning.  I tried to find it again for proper attribution but I am incompetent.

© Robert Graham 2012