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As it now looks

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Not much going on today.  I have reached saturation on the news of PDT and his opposition.  The citation of the Portland riots as "mostly peaceful" has left me questioning the integrity of the various news interpreters… (read with irony). The news services and TV bullhorns have spent in the neighborhood of 7 hours in total extolling the virtues of John Lewis.  In amongst the extolls, we had basketball teams kneeling or walking off the court; we had no coverage of the flaming and riotous behavior in the democrat cities of violence… and we had no coverage of of the passing of another Black man, Herman Cain… Wonder why…?

In a pensive mood the other day I pondered over what life lessons I had passed to my children and in particular to my grandchildren… I came up with a couple of things… I taught Megan the game of cribbage and ingrained the concept of no mercy…  I showed Kayla how to peel an orange in one continuous piece… Both Colton and Jackson learned how to eat a raisin cookie with no hands…  Through the telling of “Charlie Stories” Steven, Matthew and Tyler learned of the virtues of Gandolf the Great, Gandolf the not-so-great and Gandolf the mediocre. Gandolf the horrible, a democrat, was not mentioned….

Mandate fulfilled…

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