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Another Thursday

Life grinds to a halt.  My doctor’s office closed down this morning.  I had a 6 month wellness appointment for tomorrow morning.  Fortunately I am the picture of health.  Well there was that prostate scare; another melanoma on my arm; the threat of diabetes; and the 10 miscellaneous pounds of blubber gathered and held in place by my belt.  But so far, in spite of my imagination, the covid-19 remains aloof.  Mei Mei was able to locate a 4 pack of the currency of the day: TP, so we are pretty much immune.  Golf is cancelled for at least a month.  


Roscoe has a new bed.  We are down to our last three dog beds in the house so naturally Mei Mei decided in light of a possible quarantine, we should stock up.  I know… What can I say…  Who’s a g'boy…?

IMG 2302

The good news is I haven’t seen a bloomberg ad in weeks.  I almost miss them.  And in light of joey’s abuse of voters, they have had to shut him down.  I miss the daily gaff.  But assuming he makes it to the summer, there will be ample campaigning…

Is it just me or do you perceive a panicked need among democrats and the news interpreters to defend and protect China from any culpability for the spread of the wuhan flu…?  At the press briefing yesterday, PDT and aides were asked FOUR times whether "Chinese virus” is racist…  

Makes me sick… Guess I’ll go take some medicine… made in China...

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