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That’s me.  Living in a time I simply have no capability to understand.  My mind is tuned for observing, coalescing the observations into logical progressions and then by making value judgements on the results I am able to order my life. Seems pretty straight forward.  Always used to work.  But now I am confronted with the Supremes deciding PDT cannot revoke an illegal program established by his predecessor because… well… hussein. Mass riots are OK but political rallies are not.  Using deadly force in defense of one’s life is a crime while who cares if 23 black men are shot overnight in Chicago because, after all, BLM… And worst of all Gracie, our dedicated democrat has established an autonomous zone on the dining room rug. But you know the thing…

It’s all probably much simpler than I think.  China threatens and the Big Tech, the NBA, Europe  all comply; BLM threatens and Corporations, Mayors and city councils all comply; Democrats threaten and colleges, Supreme Court Justices, Twitter and FaceBook all comply.  On the other hand if I threaten Gracie, she just gives me a lick on the nose and I comply.

Scott is in Charlestown as I fat finger these words.  Hopefully he will leave in time to arrive here today.  He may want to spend some time with his old friend who is lending him a camper for the trip north.  He may also be joining in on some riots and looting.  He is, after all, a damn foreigner.

Need to wrap up.  I’ll be joining the rally to tear down the King Neptune statute downtown.  No particular reason… It just history after all… 

© Robert Graham 2012