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A couple of points

First of all I don’t buy in on the theory that the missile attack across the border was THE retaliation for the taking out of Soleimani.  Too easy.  There are complex plans evolving though which the Iranians can deniably do significant damage and it will happen.  Yesterdays masquerade was just to unsettle the democrats who are already screaming with rage - at their President.  It ain’t over till its over, as they say...

The This morning there were two WSJ articles that   impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, farce seems to have faded even  though  Fancy nancy continues to tantrum.  It is fortunate that McConnell has strong leadership principles.  He may have already tired of the charade.  I look for a trial soon that is brief and dismissive.

There were two excellent Op-Eds on the WSJ editorial page this morning.  One had to do the catastrophic fires in Australia.  Fundamentally the article derided the leftist case that the fires are caused by governmental disregard of climate change.  It was written by the Editor of the Daily Telegraph in Australia.  I encourage you to read it.  Good stuff.  

The second dealt with the Christian case for Trump.  In that fairly lofty dissertation, Trump's questionable moral decisions are compared to those of democrats who think the murder of unborn children at the whim of the mother is an inalienable right.  The author makes his case quite well.

No original thought this morning.  Plagiarism is my mantra.

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