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1 Peter 4:12

Peter anticipated my situation:  Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.

Getting a grip, I believe it is called.  I need to learn from the dogs: they simply don’t sweat anything unless dinner is late.  Of course they are democrats so maybe I’ll just observe...


Busy week.  Scott and Kayla should arrive in Chicago today.  They plan to mask up and loot a couple of stores and then move on to Florida.  We expect them to drive up 95 to arrive here before the weekend.

Wednesday I get to visit the CPAP store to pick out an appropriate system for my sleeping enjoyment.  There is some rule about having to use the system 80% of the time or Medicare will not pay for the equipment.  Not sure if surveillance is built in or perhaps they send a rep to sit in the bedroom overnight.  Nothing surprises me anymore.

We held a Zoom Sunday School class yesterday.  I reluctantly installed the no register version of Zoom on my computer.  I try to avoid Google, Facebook and anything Chinese.  In any case the session terminated after 40 minutes because I had not upgraded to the paid version. Now I have to go the full route install.  Fortunately I have no secrets the Chinese don’t already know so I guess no harm done.

Just wondering if any businesses in the Seattle “autonomous zone” are open.  If so are they collecting sales tax…? Will the residents file Federal tax returns…?  Do they do their own census…?  

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