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It seems everyone hates vp*.  Her staff leaves and cites toxicity. Apparently p* himself is no fan. How unusual is it that the news interpreters blaspheme any significant democrat…?  Very…So what is going on…  

Clearly no one expects p* to run again.  If he were to run there are simply not enough dead registrants, or middle of the night vote creators to push him across the line. So who is the fallback…? I am pretty sure the dems hoped that the vp* would take able to take advantage of her gender and race to overcome her disappointing intellect.  It’s now obvious that she fell short in the eyes of the great planners so now the objective is to trash her to the side of the road so someone electable can be pushed in behind p* when he ultimately completely shorts out.


Stand by.  I suspect mayor pete is the next choice…  Won’t that be fun.


Every now and then I read a reference to article this or that of the Constitution so I break out a copy to refresh memory.   I am always stricken by the dense language and the thoroughness of the specification.  I note also that in the process of establishing Justice, insuring domestic Tranquility, providing for the common defence, promoting the general Welfare, and securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, the instrument is quite specific in protecting the people from the government.  Nothing is quite so effective at quenching the abuse of us all by Big Government as enumeration of powers.

(Brief pause whilst one searches for reference to abortion among said enumerations)


>>> Citation not found <<<


In other news, on Tuesday Mei Mei, bless her heart, volunteered to pick up my medications from the dispensary.  To do that she needed to take my ID card.  Shortly after leaving she returned to the house announcing she had lost the ID card.  Oh dear.  A two issue problem.  Lost ID is one but I needed the medications that day since I was out.  So off to the Dispensary we went.  They absolutely refused to give me the meds without an ID card.  I appealed to the head pharmacist who I could tell really wanted to help me.  Fortunately God had whispered in my ear to take a copy of my DD 214 with me to prove I have served and retired.  As soon as the pharmacist saw that paper, she relented and gave me the meds.  

Yeah we found the ID card in the car wedged between seat and center console.  

The omicron…. yikes… infects the vaccinated.  Right.  Thank “I am Science", fauci, for masks because clearly if vaccination fails to protect the mask will stop it in its tracks.


Here we go

December 1st and we are left to wonder what transpired between today and September when we entered the time warp.  ’Tis a puzzlement… These 4 month years are wearing me down.

We received a nice email from the folks who adopted Honey saying how well she is doing and how happy they are.  Very gratifying.

As I interpret the interpretations of those whose pixels I display and ingest, I find many foolish predictions.  For example, one current theme is that the republicans will sweep the '22 mid-terms assuring an overwhelming majority in the legislative branch.  That “sweep” will reassure those of us who decry the destruction of all American values and return sanity to government.  … deep sigh… How quickly we forget the uncanny ability of republicans to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Further, the unelected governance of the news interpreters will continue to rule heavily in favor of the democrats no matter any election outcome.  

To continue the fantasy, there is speculation that the SCOTUS will overturn Roe v Wade.   Abortion has never been a case of logic, law or Constitutional rights. Abortion is a matter of convenience to those who practice the process of reproduction  but refuse responsibility for the resulting gift of God. The imagined “political” split among the justices is in the eye of the beholder. There is assurance that the liberal women on the court will adhere to their corrupted masquerade  of "reproductive rights”.  There is assurance that at least one of the conservative men will view the issue through his lens of morality. The others will attempt to compromise their morality with the pressure of public opinion and democrat threats.   The outcome will be murky and will leave the so called “Constitutional Right’ intact.


We made it to Alexandria Thursday in 3 hours 20 minutes.  Did not have to hit the brakes at all.  Pam and her family (less Jackson), Megan, Tyler and Kelly (+James) and 5 dogs.  Judy brought another one Friday.  No issues except hair.

Gracie, Kathleen and Megan were heavily stressed:

Got home Saturday afternoon after four hours of the normal I-95.  Dogs were very happy to be home.  We were happy to have made it safely but miss the warmth of the family gathering.  The Fuqua's built a brunch of bacon, eggs. pancakes and fried potatoes.  Judy and Catherinemargaret joined us.

One of the benefits of exposing Mei Mei to family is she seems to acquiesce to reason and logic from her sister and daughters.  My words hit the stubbornness barrier and fall unheard.  Not so with her girls.  Kathleen persuaded her of the evil of FaceBook in about 30 seconds whereas my years of the same logic never penetrated.  YeHaw and God bless my daughter.  Mei Mei’s FaceBook account went into the ether this morning.


Next up AOL


Just a couple of things.  I noted how p* going through a colonoscopy procedure would produce a million jokes… I fell short by a few but almost all of them had to do with his brain… Here is another twist by the world’s greatest cartoonist:

Another question well framed:

I couldn’t imbed this video ( Probably could but too lazy to work the problem):

Little girl slaps Biden’s creepy ghoul hand away

Click on the link, watch the short video and laugh...

By now

You know that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted.  Justice demanded that verdict. at least from the viewpoint of mature, thoughtful observers.  Of course that particular population would not have found themselves in the midst of a radical riot instigated by falsehoods, mindless reaction and liberal insanity.  In my mind, Kyle was there and in danger because of the idealism of his youth confronting real world irrational anger verging on insanity.  As the song goes: Teach your children well...

The unindicted villain is the corporate news media who in a predictable pattern produced false and inflammatory information in the form of biased news interpretation.  Included in the morass of dissembling prevaricators is p* who in his campaign blathering, pronounced Mr Rittenhouse a ‘White Nationalist”.  He further declared the verdict of the jury to have angered and concerned him… The clarifying question:  "Have you no decency sir..?” couldn’t be answered even if asked… (BTW that thought was plagiarized from an article by John Kass. Long but so very articulate and worth your time)

A few pertinent :

Thought for the day:


Friday already...

Of course Fridays used to mark the coming of the weekend.  No so much for those of us retired.  It does mark a climate transition. Yesterday the climate recorded a high of 77 degree.  Today the high will be more like 50.  Climate change… You can’t live with it - you can’t live without it.

I just heard that the House voted to approve the mega-pork bill.  Only one democrats dissented.  Not sure if any republicans voted yea but I will assume no.  Our local representative clearly voted for the bill and I hope that will lead to the termination of her career.  I wonder what happened to the cry the bill costs zero after the CBO refuted that ludicrous lie…?


I also just heard that vp* will  officially sit in for p* while he is unconscious during a colonoscopy procedure.  Wow.  I cannot believe the number of jokes that situation offers, I mean besides the obvious joke of both of them. Will they discover the brain of p* in the process…? Will they have to apply anesthesia to p* or will his normal unconscious state suffice… How will they know he is no longer unconscious…? Suppose vp* doesn’t want to give the power back…?  Would anyone notice…?



Yeah, I’m pretty sure they are coming for me. You know… the FBI… Black helicopters, the Patriot act, rendition to some deep dark cellar in Bulgaria… Torture by immersion in rancid tuna fish… But still while i temporarily live in freedom I must continue to cite the examples of the muck within.  The WSJ covered the exoneration of two men accused and convicted of the muder of Malcom X.  One brief sentence within the article:  The FBI withheld exonerating evidence from the Defense… No one was held accountable of course but two men spent a lifetime in prison…  the same organization is tracking anyone who protests at a school board meeting.  They don’t have time to investigate the crimes of the biden family but plenty of manpower to investigate journalist who might embarrass the left wing nut house…  The crimes the FBI committed against xPDT are well documented in several valid investigations… Anyone held accountable…?  Nope… 


I once served on a jury at a murder trial and was in fact elected foreman.  I yield that information to cement my credentials as an expert.  So why in the name of all that is righteous and good hasn’t the jury exonerated Rittenhouse?  To call the prosecution a dumpster fire is an affront to dumpsters everywhere. An even better question is why hasn't the judge simply thrown out the case… If the verdict convicts Rittenhouse of anything, an appeal will toss it all in any case simply based on the illegal abuse of his 5th Amendment rights…  We all know the answers of course… The threats reverberate every day against the judge, the city, and all who might support a young man who defended his own life.  Equal justice for all… Where is the FBI on that one…?  I guess I might also ask where are the trials for the folks who burned the city that night… but what a waste of pixels...

In other news, our foster Honey will get a new home this weekend.  Two families have applied, both we have met in the past are are supremely qualified.  Just have to make the choice.  I’m pretty sure Honey will make it for us.

IMG 2823


Interesting word: 

{given to unintelligent decisions or acts acting in an unintelligent or careless manner

lacking intelligence or reason}

Certainly applies to a wide swath of society; myself included. Fortunately in my case, the damage is usually confined within.  A very bad quality to have in National Leaders however.  The damage is usually widespread.  Take those who interpret the news for the world for example.  Their reaction to the failure ( one might even say the stupidity) of the prosecution in the Rittenhouse trial has been classically stupid.  They condemned the Judge for celebrating the service of Veterans on Veterans Day.  In the face of overwhelming evidence that self-defense was required on that day when young Kyle dispatched his attackers, the same interpreters chose to laud the crimes of the rioters and criminals who sought to take his life.  P*,  who clearly personifies the very definition, declared the boy to be a “White Supremacist”.

The FBI has three - that’s three - prime time TV shows that attempt to rehabilitate the image of an organization that has become a quagmire of anti-people investigations.  The rancid corruption within was clearly illuminated during the xPDT persecution.  Then when presented with the Hunter Biden laptop and the evidence of obvious participation of his dad in the criminal dealings, nothing happened.  However, the FBI is out to get those domestic terrorists who testify at school bard meetings.  The current example of the slime within is the pursuit of P*’s daughters diary.  How the a theft or misplacement of the sterling ms biden’s diary became a federal investigation is yet to be explained.  The infamy continues by the FBI raiding the offices of Project Veritas and confiscating computers and phones.  When a Federal Court demanded that the FBI cease extracting information there was an immediate leak of material to the NYT.  Gestapo comes to mind.  Oh… wait…. there are a couple of men in dark suits at the door…………...


I’m not much of a mandate person.  A mandate seems to be exactly the sort of thing that resulted in the Revolutionary War. There were tea mandates, impressment mandates and quartering mandates.  Didn’t sit well with the ancestors. Led to actual insurrection. 

 I recall the argument being made when the gummit mandated everyone have buy health care that the net result would be the gummit could mandate anything it wanted.  And so it seems.  Vaccines for everything from the flu to VD can be made non-optional at the risk of one’s livelihood.  At least one court has seen the danger and lack of constitutionality and surely others including SCOTUS will save us from this exercise of totalitarian power.  You can set the butternut squash on my table, but dadgumit, you can’t make me eat it.


I was amused - perhaps sickened is better term - at the democrats debate as to whether passage of the pork laden infrastructure bill prior to election day would have been beneficial to the democrat candidate…? Somehow I still cling to the idea that legislation is suppose to be beneficial to the American Public and not to politicians… But what do I know.  I’m just a white artifact breathing oxygen that could be better used fighting climate change.

Remember 175 million years ago when the continent Pangea split into Africa, South America, Australia and India…? Tough times.  If you think climate change is bad now, imagine what that was like.  No doubt there were warnings from the prehistoric gretas and algores, but no one stifled the dinosaur post meal emissions or carbon enhancing campfires and there it was…


So as a thrice vaccinated person (pronouns not relevant at this time)  I can both catch and transmit the wuhan even in environments where other sheep ah… people are masked.  There were folks in church last Sunday wearing masks.  When I asked them why the reply was they, even though vaccinated, wanted to be as safe as possible.  My other question: if the vaccine can’t save you, in what way is the mask additional protection?  was not asked.


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